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Project Description
This library allows .NET developers to easily access the uTorrent Web Client API. It provides a nice object-oriented wrapper over the uTorrent JSON API, and supports automatic updating and caching of results.
It's developed in C# using WCF and requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Contact Regarding This Project
Please note if you want to contact me about this project, make sure there is a way for me to contact you in return. I have had several people contact me recently without any way of me getting back to them.

Version 1.1 Released
I've uploaded a new version with some bug fixes and various new features to support building UIs based on the client library.

Fat Controller Added
I've also added a little WPF demo application which uses the client library to control uTorrent via the web interface. It uses the (painfully slow) WPF DataGrid preview to show torrents in a similar format to the standard uTorrent interface. It has the following features:
  • Shows a list of torrents in a grid
  • Displays status, progress and a little status icon just like uTorrent
  • You can sort by any column or several columns
  • You can move columns about
  • Toolbar with similar buttons to the normal uTorrent interface
  • Minimises to the system tray
  • Single instance
  • Accepts torrent files on the command line (you can associate torrent files with Fat Controller)

The Fat Controller main interface looks something like this:

When minimised to the system tray, it looks like this:

Future Development
Apart from bug fixes, I might get round to adding the following features to Fat Controller at some point:
  • A right-click menu on the system tray icon
  • A right-click context menu for the torrents like the one in uTorrent
  • A torrent properties window to change torrent properties
  • A right-click context menu on the column headers to show/hide different columns
  • A bottom tabbed section like the one in uTorrent with general torrent information and a file list (including a context menu to set file priority)
  • A left-hand filtering/selection/navigation bar like the one in uTorrent
  • A search box in the toolbar to filter the list of torrents
  • A settings window to change uTorrent settings
  • Improvements in the client library work with multiple torrents where appropriate (e.g. start/pause multiple torrents at once). This looks like it could be suprisingly difficult with WCF.

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